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Bondies helping Bondies!-Bond Alumni Mentor Program.

Bondies helping Bondies!

The Alumni Mentor Program is designed to connect Bond students and graduates, allowing them to build professional relationships that are mutually-beneficial.

The Program runs each year during Semester 3 (September to November).

We take great care in carefully matching each student and graduate, and are always excited to see how the relationships develop and flourish throughout the program.

Throughout the program you will work together to:

  • Explore future career opportunities
  • Plan out the transition from study to employment
  • Improve industry and business knowledge
  • Contribute to your personal development
  • Build your professional networks
  • Gain greater understanding of how to develop and maintain a manageable work-life-study balance

Our aim is to facilitate exciting, new, professional and personal opportunities for everyone involved.

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For more details, please visit the FAQs page, or contact our Office at or call +61 7 5595 3308.