BOND-BBT MBA体験英語講義『Innovation and Change – Creativity and Implementation in an Increasingly Disrupted World』

BOND Business SchoolのGareth講師による模擬講義を開催します。オーストラリアのビジネススクールでは、どのような英語授業が行われるかを実際に体験ください。

Organisations are facing increasing pressures to innovate. But where do the ideas come from that can drive this innovation? When gradual, incremental change is sufficient, in-house cultural homogeneity is a strength because it enables smooth implementation. But when companies are faced with increasing levels of disruption and the need for more radical innovation, higher levels of creativity require diversity of thought. How can companies balance the need for radical innovation with the need for rapid implementation? Dr Gareth Thomas examines how a diverse workforce can build a learning organisation that embraces change, and how such organisations are better placed to compete internationally.

■ BOND-BBT MBA体験英語講義
『Innovation and Change – Creativity and Implementation in an Increasingly Disrupted World』


19:00~19:05 イントロダクション
19:05~19:40  Gareth H Thomas講師による英語講義
19:40~19:55 質疑応答
19:55~20:00 BOND-BBT MBAプログラム説明および閉会の挨拶



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【登壇者】Gareth H Thomas講師

Assistant Professor (Strategy) (Bond University)
Ph.D.(Queensland University of Technology)、MBA(Griffith University)、修士(経済学)(大阪市立大学)、BSc (Economics) (Queen Mary University of London)。