【受付終了】【1/24(金)18:00~@Tokyo American Club】
Masterclass: The Value of Cross-Cultural Innovation

What role does cultural context play in organizational agility and innovation? In an increasingly global and competitive business environment, how do business leaders develop cross-cultural competency across industries and geographies?

Globalization brings with it more diversity in the workforce, as well as fragmented markets.

At the same time, innovation seems to be an over-used corporate and government buzzword. Everyone is talking about it, but how do you implement and sustain meaningful innovation?

This session is invaluable for managers looking to understand and interpret these forces, gain consumer and client insight, and develop a future-proof and culturally diverse mindset to apply in the Japanese context.

Get 2020 off to a great start with this high-level learning event where you will have the opportunity to network with leaders from Japanese and international multi-nationals in the beautiful surrounds of the Tokyo American Club.

Date |Friday, 24 January, 2020

Time | 6pm – 9pm

Location | Tokyo American Club

Cost | General ticket: AUD$40 (Approx ¥3,000)

Alumni: AUD $20 (Approx ¥1,500)


Dr Libby Sander is Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Bond University, founder and Managing Director of the Future of Work Project, and past Chair of Goldspaces, an urban renewal and cultural development platform. Libby is also an Agenda Contributor at the World Economic Forum.


Having lived and worked in Japan for over five years, Ben worked as an advisor and consultant for Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Phillips Japan, among other companies. He is fluent in Japanese. He has worked extensively with professional service firms in practice management, business improvement, change management, and marketing and growth strategies.

• 異文化環境におけるイノベーションの好機を探求
• 所属国、組織において有効かつ持続可能なリーダーシップの潜在能力や素養を確立する方法
• グローバルチーム内で共有された相互文化的イノベーションの実践方法
• 個の組織やシステムレベルで変革を主導するための議論(変革者をどのように発見し、育成するか)
• アベノミクス『ソサイエティ5.0』(日本が直面する課題への取り組みにどのようにイノベーションを活用するか)
• イノベーションやアントレプレナーシップにおける場所や空間の果たす役割
Dr Libby Sander
Ben Hayden-Smith
(Translation by Mr Tsuyoshi Nishikawa)