TED Chat@BBT Lounge|“Aging - How Can We Live Longer and Age Well”

TED Talks アーカイブスの中から面白いプレゼンをピックアップし、みんなでBBTラウンジの大スクリーンで鑑賞(ビューイング)+ ディスカッションするイベントです!

☆TED Talks:


熱狂的なTEDウォッチャーの Mr. Andrew Abbey をファシリテーターに迎え、彼のセレクトした Talks を英語のまま鑑賞し、ディスカッションも英語で行います。

毎回たくさんの積極的なご参加をいただき、とても盛り上がっています♪ リピーターの方も初めての方も楽しめる内容です。


“TED talks have quickly become one of the most important ways of spreading new ideas in the modern world. In these sessions we will have the opportunity to watch TED talks on a particular theme and then discuss them in a fun, informal environment.

Our 5th TED Chat is on the subject of Aging. How can we live longer and how can we age well. What does this mean for developed countries where more and more people are “old”? Join us to discuss this topic which affects everyone – all ideas are welcome!”


 TED Chat@BBT Lounge
 “Aging – How can we live longer and age well?”





・BOND-BBT MBA検討者/受講生・修了生の方

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■ Facilitator


Andrew Abbey/アンドリュー・アビー

Andrew is professor at Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business, lecturing to MBA candidates on Global Business Communications. He also works with BOND-BBT Global Leadership MBA students on “Storytelling for Leaders.” He is the co-founder and CEO of Platinum Training Consultants K.K. He has spent most of his working life in international environments, first as an expatriate tax advisor for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and KPMG in London, New York and Sydney before moving to Japan in 2002. An enthusiastic TED follower.