Law for Global Managers

Law for Global Managers


This subject provides an overview of core legal subject areas that have been developed in the West, particularly in the US. It also includes numerous examples of modern legal practices in the EU, Asia and the emerging economies of the world today.

Global Managers are increasingly being confronted with commercial transactions and disputes having an international dimension. Goods, services and capital across international boundaries more frequently and in greater quantities than ever before. Today many commercial transactions involve parties from multiple nationalities, require performance in more than one jurisdiction and present a number of legal issues not present in purely domestic transactions.


Larry Kiyohiro

Professor of the Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business, BBT University

Larry Kiyohiro is a U.S. licensed attorney and received his Juris Doctorate from
Gonzaga University School of Law. He was the Editor-at-Large on the Gonzaga
Law Review, and was elected as the school’s representative at the American Bar
Association national conference. He was also selected as a Thomas More Scholar
for a full tuition scholarship. Larry graduated with Cum Laude honors distinction.

He was a professor at the Japan-America Institute of Management Science
teaching courses in global management and international finance. He also was a
lecturer for the American Bankers Association in Hawaii.

Larry previously worked as an investment banker in Tokyo, and has structured
numerous cross-border financial transactions for governments, agencies, and
corporate institutions. He currently works as an executive consultant for a
Japanese consulting firm in Tokyo.